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Image by Rajesh Kavasseri
How does music affect us?
Saturday 19th October | Leicester

Since the dawn of civilisation sounds have been harnessed by humanity to create harmony and melody; we all have that song or musical piece that affects us every time we listen to it. What is the long term impact of the sounds we listen to on our mental, emotional and physical well being? Join us as we take a journey through sound; exploring its impact on our daily lives. With unique performances from maestros we will create an immersive experience to explore how Hindustani music has shaped and been shaped by our history.


Image by Elisha Terada
Hindu Festivals: Dharma or Dhamaka?
Saturday 21st September | Manchester

We will soon see fireworks lighting up the night skies and shops selling Diwali paraphernalia...but have we now as a society began to lose the meaning of why these festivals are being help? How did the festival of light become the festival or personal indulgence?

Join us as we look to explore Dharma and the celebration of Hindu festivals in 21st century Modern Britain.

Article 370. Is Kashmir now liberated or occupied?
Friday 13th September | London

In August the Indian government shocked the world, and Indians when it revoked the (in)-famous article 370 which awarded the state of Kashmir special rights. The actions of the government have caused global divisions, as to the merits of the act - was it moral? Was it legal? Was it divisive? Was it unifying? One thing is clear: opinions are divided.

The Indian Government explicitly stated as part of its manifesto that it would revoke Article 370 if given the mandate to do so. The landslide victory at the ballot box gave all the justification it needed to carry out the will of the Indian people. But many people internationally have condemned the move as illegal and immoral. Some have suggested that this is a feud about religion rather than land or politics.

What are the facts?

Can we untangle its complex history and multifaceted stakeholders?

Come and explore this complex, nuanced challenge of our times.

Can An Emerging India Save A Declining Britain?
Saturday 25th May | Leicester

Both countries appear to be at a historical crossroads. India, with its 1.3bn people sets to vote in a new government; while Britain sets itself up to leave the largest trading zone in the world to make it on its own way on the international stage.

Will Britain and India finally lose their colonial hangovers - one of master, the other of servant; to build a relationship that is truly “special”? Is India the silver lining of Britain’s Brexit blooper? Come and explore this deep and complex problem with our panel of expert witnesses.

Cows, Curry & Caste: Seeking a Hindu Identity
Thursday 14th March | Central London

Often seen as the religion that has no God, or the religion that’s not a religion, can we find clarity on what defines us as Hindu?

Drawing on findings from their joint paper, Dr Sachin Nandha and Acharya Vidyabhaskar, joined by Hindol Sengupta, explore the struggle of forming our individual and collective identity as Hindus in a modern world; at a time of buzz words and identity politics, where so often, we have identity thrust upon us.

It is becoming increasingly apparent that our self-perception plays a key role in our flourishing, by grasping and creating our own narrative can we begin to shape the world around us?

In the 21st century, have we reduced Swami Vivekananda to a mere brand ambassador?
Saturday 1st December | Bourne End

As 125 years have passed since the famous speech in Chicago at the parliament of world religions, Vivekananda has undoubtedly inspired several generations of Hindu seekers and activists.

But does his name and deeds still inspire generations raised in the west in the 21st century?

Has the great swami become a mere brand ambassador who superficially inspires, but no longer calls people for a serious commitment to dharma?

Loneliness & Social Isolation
Saturday 27th October | Manchester

Loneliness has been described as deadlier than obesity, reportedly increasing risk of death by 29%. With over 9 million people in the UK declaring that they are always or often lonely, Britain has been voted the "loneliness capital of Europe". 

But has loneliness really become the epidemic that it is described as in the media, where we seem to be more connected than ever, but report feeling more alone? 

Could we as a population be getting worse at coping with changes in our circumstances or merely becoming more open to talk about it?

Can the oldest living tradition shape tomorrow’s world?
Sunday 7th October | Leicester

In a rapidly advancing society, the nature of the environment often determines the direction of change. As such, one aspect to particularly focus on is that of ‘Human Nature’ - our inherent instincts and drives. In an era where the pace of technological change far outstrips our natural rate of evolution can we adapt accordingly? Generation Z has a vast array of information at their fingertips, has this stunted their ability to seek out new answers? What new challenges and opportunities will future technologies present to us?

Saturday 6th October | Hayes
Weddings vs. Marriage

UK Asians spend a staggering £3bn on weddings each year. Are we sacrificing the Dharmic teachings of simplicity and humility in exchange for crass materialism and razzmatazz? Are we devoting the same resources to the life-long commitment of a marriage as we do on our pomp celebrations? Come and join us for a conversation on weddings vs marriages in 21st century Britain

Liberty vs. Equality: A Perspective
Saturday 26th May | Cambridge

In this INSA-Cambridge event, supported by Vichaar Manthan, we will have with us Dr. Sachin Nandha, entrepreneur and activist, discussing with us about nuances of the age-old 'Liberty vs. Equality' debate and his perspective on the same. It promises to be an interesting talk and we would love to have people join in for the interaction and debate session after the talk.

Raising Children in modern Britain
– a Hindu perspective
Saturday 12th May | Manchester

1 in 25 teens in Britain suffers from depression. 35% of girls and 10% of boys suffer from eating disorders. Why is this happening?

The British society is one of plenty, where education is a basic human right, and where children are protected and prioritised (relatively), and yet we see more children and young adults suffering from mental distress.

What is going wrong in our society?
But not all communities suffer equally. We know that children who live in extended families; those that are introduced to physical exercise, yoga and meditation; and those that have a close relationship with grandparents are more likely to lead healthier lives. The Hindu community in Britain is an example of what it takes to raise psychologically healthy children who have flourished academically and have some of the lowest rates in crime and anti-social behaviour.

What can our understanding of child psychology tell us?
What can Hindu values offer the rest of British society?

Saturday 28th April | Leicester
Yoga Psychology

In November 2017 the Yoga industry in the UK had a revenue of £834 million; with consumers being more willing to spend on their health this figure is predicted to rise over the next five years. No longer just trends it seems that practices like Yoga, mindfulness and veganism are becoming increasing mainstream albeit the norm. But isn't yoga more than postures and wearing comfortable yoga pants? Yoga, means union. 

A lifestyle that is meant to bring harmony and well being into our lives. Today we seldom talk about the psychological benefits of yoga if practised as a lifestyle rather than an exercise. A Hindu practise that is rooted in antiquity.

Come and explore the psychological aspects of this ancient lifestyle developed in ancient India.

Hindu Faith Challenged
Saturday 16th December | Leicester

A critical examination on the role of faith in Hindu tradition in modern Britain. What does it mean when a Hindu talks about his or her faith? Is Hindu Dharma built on faith; are Hindus rooted in belief; or, is there something different which sustains Hindus?

Swami Vivekananda observed "Hindus are not believers but seekers of truth. Seekers by definition do not hold faith, but seek answers to questions." So what role, if any, does faith play in the Hindu tradition? Come and explore with scholars from various Hindu traditions, on an intra-knowledge platform - the commonalities which have bound a people together over millenia.

Friday 1st December | Central London
Socialism or Capitalism? Or a third way?

Deendayal Upadhyay began writing in the 1950s, a new way to think about capital and labour, in a theory he coined as ‘Integral Humanism’. Today the Indian government under Prime minister Modi is beginning to translate the thoughts of Upadhyay into policy.

Should we too look to find an alternative third way to rebuild the relationship between labour and capital? Come and explore with our special guest Shri Dattatreya Hosabale, an expert on the subject, and at the forefront of translating Upadhyay’s theory into actual policy in India.

Elderly: Who Cares?
Saturday 18th November | Slough

Who Has The Moral Duty Of Care For The Elderly, in Modern Britain?

Since 2001, care homes have seen an 11% increase in their overall population aged 65 or over. On whom does the moral responsibility fall to accommodate our increasingly aging population? We may have learnt to preserve life, but have we sacrificed love in our efforts? Are our elderly parents merely a burden on state resources or an integral part of our children's upbringing? What are the effects on either party of grandparents and grandchildren coinciding?

Hear the insights of our expert witnesses at out next panel discussion, exploring our moral duty to our predecessors

Is Marriage Dying?
Monday 11th September | Central London

What is marriage? What purpose does it serve? Is it a sacred rite of passage, or is it a functional practice to build stable societies? What, if anything, can Dharma and classical Hindu civilisation teach us for the 21st century? 

We have Prof Navalkant Prinja as an expert witness.

Building on our Foundation.
Educating the Next Generation.
Saturday 8th June | Leicester

Professor Sugata Mitra has a radical proposal; a teacher-less classroom. The results of his experiments are eye-opening. Educationists predict the idea will be a solution to the problems facing education today. It forces us to re-evaluate our current approach. Should teachers leave the classroom? If not, how will a teacher’s role evolve in the future? Most importantly, in a world that is changing so rapidly, how should we educate the next generation to be prepared for that new world?

Animal Rights
Saturday 20th May | Leicester

With China looking at adopting UK Animal Welfare standards; are we living through a global shift in perspective? This is a question that goes beyond veganism, to the core of how we view and interact with the world around us. Can we clarify the concept of Dharma, producing a lens through which we may guide, refine and be confident in our actions?

Saturday 25th March | Slough
Life and Philosophy of Bhagat Singh

Who really was Bhagat Singh? A champion of liberty? A terrorist? A communist? A devout Hindu? What was the underlying motivation behind his actions?

Come and explore with Virendra Arora, an author of the most comprehensive biography on Bhagat Singh, who just happens to be his niece. 


It is time to strip away the mythology and come face to face with the man Bhagat Singh

Immortal Ram
Saturday 12th November 2016 | Leicester

Join us as we dive into the timeless river that is the story of Ram and follow it into the modern era.

Examining the footprints through masterful narrations of the Valmki and Tulsisidas Ramayan.

How does someone navigate through life with such finesse that they become "Maryada Purshotam" (the ideal man)?

Should Prostitution be De-criminalized in the UK?
Saturday 11th June 2016 | Leicester

As parliament debates whether to de-criminalize consensual sex work, we want to explore what a Hindu civilizational approach would be? From a Hindu lens, ought sex work be legal? Ought sex workers have legal rights? When polled, most people in the UK do not know if prostitution is legal or illegal. What are the facts surrounding sex work in the UK? These are complicated and controversial questions.

To explore these questions and find possible solutions, we will be joined by an expert in the field to debate this complex issue. We will also have commentators to provide a Hindu civilizational perspective.

Should Britain Leave the EU?
Tuesday 7th June 2016 | London

To what extent do Hindu experiences guide us on whether we should stay or leave the EU?

What Drives a Human Being to Lead a Fulfilled Life?
Wednesday 30th March 2016 | London

All of us strive for happiness - but do we equally strive for fulfilment? Can it be argued that to lead a truly happy life one must be fulfilled? Hindu civilisation throughout time has always had an undercurrent of Dharma flowing through its literal and philosophical narratives. Dharma, that ubiquitous word, leads all beings to live a fulfilled life - but what is Dharma?

Come and explore through a Hindu lens. Our distinguished guest speakers will open a dialogue that covers various aspects of fulfillment - starting with the ancient scriptures and asking what that means for us today. Join us for what will surely be a thought-provoking discussion