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What is “Sustainable Narratives”?


Sustainable Narratives 2020 sought to address the big questions facing humanity today. From wealth creation to governance systems, institutionalised religion, human rights and postmodernism, this four-day virtual event put the most prevailing narratives of our times on trial in the light of ‘sustainability’. To what extent do our narratives help us promote sustainable policies? To what extent are they useful to us in the twenty-first century? In the light of: globalisation, environmental degradation, conglomerations which are more powerful and influential than many nation-states, the rise of social media and tech giants, diminishing power of global institutions such as the United Nations, the rise of China and the dichotomy caused by its own narratives and the rise of India – a synthetic culture which has its own emerging narratives which, although closer to the West, is still significantly divergent.

A Virtual Conference 

Thursday, July 2nd - Sunday, July 5th

We hosted a series of online panel discussions and fireside talks; a space for the brightest minds of our time to come together to explore the big questions. Sustainable Narratives 2020 was four days of dialogue, understanding and re-imagining the stories that shape humanity.

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