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Vichaar Manthan - Sustainable Narratives - Rights without Duties

Vichaar Manthan aims to explore the narratives that societies tell each other and to itself.

These stories embody, legitimise and contextualise the knowledge and experiences of a society. They order a collective memory. The most powerful stories shape our behaviour and in turn influence institutions to react to the world in equal stead.

At the Sustainable Narratives conference, we want to explore the most prevailing and long-lasting stories about human rights, their formation, their universalism, and their eurocentrism. Can human rights be inalienable, or must they be coupled with a set of duties and responsibilities? What is the relationship between an education about one’s rights and the development of a social character that builds fraternity amongst the citizenry? Ought inalienable rights only stop at humanity, or ought it transcend to other life on this planet?

Our panel of expert witnesses from around the world will come together and explore sustainable narratives on rights. Join us by registering below.

Meet Our Chair

He has interests in India focused advisory services, angel investing, government affairs, and publishing.  For 15 years Manoj practised as a corporate lawyer running his own firm with offices in Westminster & Mumbai before turning his attention to business, charitable, and political interests in the UK & India.

Founder of India Inc, a London-based media house

Manoj Ladwa

Meet Our Speakers

He is the founder of the American Philosophical Practitioners Association, and is an international best-selling author. He is a world authority on applying philosophical traditions to problems of everyday life. His books include Plato: not Prozac (1999), The Middle Way (2007), On Human Conflict (2019).

Professor of Philosophy at the City College of New York

Lou Marinoff

He was the Chairperson of the Drafting Committee at the 69th Session of the ILC. His areas of expertise include dispute resolution, boundary disputes, law of the sea, international investment law and international trade law. He has taught international law at the Indian Law Institute, New Delhi and National Law University, Delhi. He is an advocate at the Supreme Court of India

Member of the United Nations International Law Commission (2017-21)

Aniruddha Rajput

He is a Professor of Politics at Whitman College, Washington State. He has authored several books, notably “The Rise of Postmodern Conservatism”. He has written extensively on a range of topics from “Liberalism and Socialism, mortal enemies or estranged kin?” to “Making Human Dignity Central to International Human Rights Law.

Professor of Politics at Whitman College, Washington

Matthew McManus