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“We need a form of economics that takes narratives seriously” 

 Professor Robert Shiller, Nobel prize-winner, Economist, Yale, USA


Vichaar Manthan aims to explore the narratives that societies tell each other and to itself. These stories embody, legitimise and contextualise the knowledge and experiences of a society.  They order a collective memory. The most powerful stories shape our behaviour and in turn influence institutions to react to the world in equal stead.  

At the Sustainable Narratives 2020 conference, we explored the most prevailing and long-lasting stories about how the economy works. Stories like those concerning fiscal policy, or investment opportunities, or the emerging idea to democratise and regulate conglomerates, or that free markets are a panacea, or how technology will create level playing fields. We put each prevailing narrative on the dock and cross-examined it in the light of sustainability.

How many of our economic narratives are truly sustainable, and how might new outlooks alter the behaviour of people and institutions? 

Our panel of expert witnesses from around the world came together and explored sustainable narratives on economy.

Meet Our Chair


Sachin Nandha

CEO of PillboxCapital, a private equity firm in the United Kingdom

He sits as an Executive and Non-Exec in several scale-up businesses. He has a doctorate in Political Philosophy, and has a keen interest in the study of Liberty and Liberalism. He has a Postgraduate in Christian and Islamic Theology, and wrote his thesis on the incompatibility of Islam and Liberty. He is also the International Coordinator for Vichaar Manthan.

Meet Our Speakers

Eric Lonergan

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Author, Macro-Hedge Fund Manager and Economist based in London

His recent book called Angrynomics (2020) co-authored with Mark Blyth explores how increasingly economic models no longer relate to what real people experience. He has written widely for Financial Times, Foriegn Affairs and the Economist.

Harsh Gupta


Chief Investment Officer at the Ashika Group, India

He is an economist, who has a MBA from INSEAD and is a Dartmouth alumnus. He is a published author - Modinomics (2014), and has written extensively on economics. He is widely published and has spoken across the world about an emerging India.

Jamie Whyte


Liberal Economist, and Former Director of Research at the Institute for Economic Affairs, a London-based think tank

He holds a Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Cambridge. He has taught philosophy at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge. He is the winner of the prestigious Bastiat Prize for journalism for his columns in the Financial Times. His books include Bad Thoughts: A Guide to Clear Thinking in the UK; 2003), A Load of Blair (2005), Free Thoughts (2012) and Quack Policy (2013).

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