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“(The Upanishads speak of)...the sutra-atman, the threading breath, the breath that threads all of us together. Like in a rosary, all the different beads have been thread together by a thread, similarly, this breath threads all of us together. It is that connecting entity which connects all of us …”

In this episode of The Vichaar Manthan Podcast, we discuss, as a part of the Hindu Library series, the Upanishads, with Siddhartha ji Krishna. The Upanishads can be thought of as a turning point in the history of human civilization. They explore the ideas of the Atman and the Brahman, the self and the Universal consciousness. The Upanishads represent some of the most fundamental discussions on the subject of the human experience of life, and the path to experience the purest state of one’s being. And despite their antiquity, the very nature of their subject matter not only ensures their relevance today, but indeed, makes them timeless…

Siddhartha ji Krishna was raised in a family tradition of yoga, memorised the Gita at the age of six and was educated at the Kailash Ashram Brahma Vidyapeeth in Rishikesh. He is a spiritual master and a teacher of Indian philosophy, including Advaita Vedanta, Patanjali’s Yoga and Sanskrit, and continues to be based in Rishikesh at the Omkarananda Ashram.


Follow Siddhartha Krishna: https://www.siddhartha-krishna.in

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