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The VM Podcast

A Vichaar Manthan project looking to explore modern day issues through a Dharmic lens, in a relaxed and engaging manner. - we hope!

Please tune in and subscribe; and if you agree or disagree with any comments, please let us know, let's keep the conversation going in an earnest manner.

Be critical and let's explore together!


The VM podcast is hosted by VM fellow Sumit Sharma, who you can email on podcast@vichaarmanthan.org

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In our very first episode, we are exploring and understanding Dharma with Dr Sachin Nandha.
SachinJi has a PhD in political philosophy, is an public philosopher and is the international coordinator of Vichaar Manthan.
We take a deep dive into the meaning of Dharma, its origins and its application today.
We tidy up some of our linguistic hygiene and learn Heet, Meet, Preet.

Recommended Books:

Follow Sachin: https://twitter.com/sachinnandha

In the era of Intrapreneurs and Bitcoin millionaires, how can the principles of Dharma help us cut through the noise? 

In this episode, we are exploring and understanding the fundamentals of wealth through a Dharmic lens with Ravi Lakhani.
RaviJi is a senior Private Equity Analyst, currently studying at London Business School and the co-ordinator for Vichaar Manthan Book Clubs.

Recommended Book:

Follow Ravi: https://www.instagram.com/ravidoes/