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Our Themes

Vichaar Manthan seeks to tackle some of the most pressing challenges facing our society, grouped across the following themes which cover the breadth of our discussions:


Civics | Culture & Literature | Governance | Political Economy | Political Theory | Religion | Wealth

British Pound Coins


Over the past three centuries we have seen wealth harnessed by individuals, organisations and governments to drive the engine of progress, yet there is a growing consensus that we need to fundamentally shift our paradigms around wealth creation and align market players to more sustainable ends.

Government Building Columns


Governance concerns the structures and institutions necessary to order human interactions in nation-states, corporate bodies and other organisations, to ensure accountability, transparency and protect freedom.

Open Books

Culture & Literature

A civilisation’s corpus of literary and artistic work acts as a storehouse of collective cultural experience and learned wisdom, against which we can examine and evaluate the sustainability of modern phenomena such as identity politics.

Brahma Temple


Religion continues to be a major force in the world. Ideas of divinity or the transcendent have major worldly consequences and thus, any understanding of the world is incomplete without an understanding of its religions, which continue to shape the modern world and the lives of those in it.

Law court


Civics explores how we interact with each other and the state to harmoniously coexist. It concerns our responsibilities to each other and nature, alongside the educational and familial institutions we need to fulfil them.

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