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The foundations of a sustainable society must include sustainable means of wealth production and allocation. Over the past three centuries we have seen wealth harnessed by individuals, organisations and governments to drive the engine of progress. Due to its inherently quantitatively measurable nature economists have often projected a mirage of omniscience, yet there is a growing consensus that we need to fundamentally shift our paradigms around wealth creation and align market players to more sustainable ends.

Featured Speakers

Harsh Gupta
Jamie Whyte
Yajur Haria
Eric Lonergan

Creating Wealth Sustainably

We explore the most prevailing and long-lasting stories about the economy. Stories about fiscal policy, selection of investment opportunities, the emerging idea to democratise and regulate conglomerates, free markets as a panacea and how technology will create level playing fields. We are joined by Eric Lonergan: Economist and author of Angrynomics, Harsh Gupta: Chief Investment Officer at the Ashika Group and, Jaime Whyte: Former Director of Research at the Institute for Economic Affairs. Chaired by Private Equity CEO: Sachin Nandha.


Fireside Conversation: Angrynomics

Join Eric Lonergan, author, macro-hedge fund manager and economist, as he explores his idea that the world is an angry place and the potential remedies for it - based on his book ‘Angrynomincs’. He argues that this anger is legitimate and long overdue. The disparities between what economists and elites think, and the models they create, in relation to the experience of flesh and blood human beings are widening to a point of political upheaval. Hosted by International Vichaar Manthan Lead - Sachin Nandha.

EP02 - DHARMIC WEALTH - The VM Podcast

In the era of Intrapreneurs and Bitcoin millionaires, how can the principles of Dharma help us cut through the noise? In this episode, we are exploring and understanding the fundamentals of wealth through a Dharmic lens with Ravi Lakhani. Ravi ji is a senior Private Equity Analyst, currently studying at London Business School and the co-ordinator for Vichaar Manthan Book Clubs.

ESG: The answer to sustainable investing?

Speaker: Yajur Haria Chair: Ravi Lakhani ESG (Environmental, Social & Corporate Governance) principles have transitioned from a fringe concept in the early 2000’s to a global phenomenon at the forefront of every investor, asset manager and CEO’s mind. Commonly equivocated to ‘sustainable investing’ we take a look at some of the practical challenges surrounding ESG metrics and ask: where is your pension invested? Are we putting our money where our ‘eco-conscious’ mouths are?

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