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Is there a sustainable solution to homelessness?

Is there a sustainable solution to homelessness?

Every individual needs shelter in order to flourish. Yet in the UK, an estimated 250,000 homeless people were living in temporary accommodation in England at the end of June 2020, the highest figures for 14 years (Shelter). Self-contained accommodation during the COVID-19 pandemic was found for over 33,000 rough sleepers or those at risk of rough sleeping by the end of November 2020 (National Audit Office). There is no easy solution to homelessness, which requires policy responses from charities and the state and the contribution of individuals. Homeless charities have adopted as their goal the eradication of homelessness. But what causes homelessness? Is the work that charities do in the UK a sustainable solution to homelessness? Do they make our society more socially responsible for tackling it? And how successfully do they help the homeless to flourish, maintain good wellbeing and become responsible members of society? Join us in conversation with Jon Sparkes to explore the role of charities in sustainably solving the problem of homelessness in British society. Chair: Pravar Petkar, PhD Law at The University of Edinburgh Speaker: Jon Sparkes, CE Crisis Invest in ideas that matter: Join our bookclubs: Listen to the podcast: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: LinkedIn: Medium:
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