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Living, learning, sharing Hindu values for a cohesive and plural British society.

Vichaar (vi’chār) -Ideas, thoughts;
Manthan (man’than) - Churning

Vichaar Manthan is a non-profit public discussion platform based in the United Kingdom. Our mission is to host in-depth public discussions that lead to new ideas on challenges facing society grounded in a (sustainable) Dharmic lens.

Rebuilding Indigenous Communities

What can the UK learn?

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Join us as we dive into the inspiring journey of Kiran Chukkapalli, the visionary behind Think Peace.


Live in London, we aim to explore the incredible resilience of indigenous communities. What can the UK learn and adopt from these experiences?

Let's come together and make a difference this Sunday, for a heartfelt conversation about hope, solidarity, and building a brighter future for refugees across India 


Does the UK have a solution?

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In the year ending June 2023, there was a recorded influx of 52,530 irregular migrants (illegal immigrants) entering the UK, marking a 17% increase from the previous year. Notably, 85% of these arrivals occurred via small boats*. This surge in irregular migration poses challenges to the already strained public services in the UK and presents risks to the well-being of the migrants themselves.


While successive governments have pledged to address irregular immigration in their manifestos, a sustainable solution remains elusive. Effectively managing the complexities of irregular migration necessitates a nuanced approach, which requires balanced enforcement measures with compassion. How can the UK achieve this equilibrium? Join us for an insightful discussion with expert speakers as we explore this pressing issue.

*statistics taken from

Being Different

Live in Conversation with Rajiv Malhotra

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Being Different, Live in Conversation with Rajiv Malhotra, eminent author and founder of The Infinity Foundation.

The VM Podcast

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Through in-depth interviews with some of the best thinkers of our time, the podcast explore how we can better understand dharma, our lives, and recapture the ancient and classical ideals of sustainability, liberty and flourishing.

Tune in for an earnest conversation!

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